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AssociAD Shopping Plaza

Plaza Mail

  • 9" x 12" postcard printed on 120# glossy card stock in full color
  • Reach your best market for less when you share list, design, print and mail costs with other businesses in your shopping center or plaza
  • Up to twelve ad spaces starting at $325 each (discounted group price for one invoice)
  • Shopping center and plaza members can reach groups of 5000 local homes regularly, affordably, and effectively
  • For as little as 12ยข per household, participants can make a high quality impression directly and consistently to local households
  • Cost includes design, layout, printing, postage and delivery

Share location? Share this!

AssociAD's unique Plaza Mail™ gives recipients in your area a picture of your location for familiarity.

Your ad inside gives them a reason to stop the next time they are in the area.