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Email Marketing

  • 65% of consumers report making purchases as a result of email (ExactTarget's 2008 Channel Preference Survey, Feb 2008)
  • Professional email with great graphics at prices to meet the needs of Small and Micro Businesses, Non-Profits and Independent (SOHO) Professionals
  • Drip marketing to stay in touch with prospects
  • Regular auto-communication schedules for visibility in your market
  • So affordable, you'll think of us the next time you send a group email to 50 people at a time
  • Prices start at just $60 a year for an email marketing account, and $60 for template design

Clients hearing crickets?

Email marketing is a valuable part of your integrated plan to be visible.

Sure, they're indundated with messages. But if you have something valuable to offer your market, they will like hearing from you.

Did you know you can share email marketing? Ask us!