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AssociAD Direct Mail is Personal, Measurable, Preferred

Direct Mail

  • 85% of people who sort their mail are principal household spending decision-makers ('Gateway to the Household' 2004 USPS Study)
  • 76% of consumers report making purchases as a result of regular mail (ExactTarget's 2008 Channel Preference Survey, Feb 2008)
  • You can count on AssociAD to design, print, label and mail compelling postcards and flyers that clearly convey your value
  • Reach your best market for less...we'll help you form a group that can share list, design, print and mail costs

You can't hang up on it.

Your message to a highly targeted list is not lost on the wrong group of people, among your competitor's ads, or between many others on too many pages.

You can't hang up on, ignore or delete a postcard.