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AssociAD Ad-Visor® Buyer-Specific Mailers

Ad-Visor® Shared Self-Mailers

  • Buyer-specific 18" x 24" self-mailer printed on 120# glossy stock in full color, folded to 8" x 6"
  • Increase sales for a lower investment when you communicate to your best market as a group
  • The Ad-Visor's® unique layout and fold grabs attention and makes it easy to keep
  • Reach 10,000 of your best prospective buyers regularly, affordably, and effectively
  • Ad spaces are priced at $360 (quarter), $600 (half), $1000 (full) and $1250 (outside back)

Consumer-Friendly Mail

Consumers think there is too much of what they perceive to be 'junk mail'.

The Ad-Visor® reduces mailbox clutter and contains offers exclusively for the intended recipient, so your valuable message is more likely to be read.